AIM (African Inland Mission International).

Christ centered churches among all African people.
 Chris and Fiona have recently formed a new partnership with Evangelical Church and Ministries International (ECMI), a locally registered church which also has the vocational training center.  This has provided them a formal working agreement with a Rwandan church, with a commitment to partner in the outreach.

We continue to story the Bible, and having shared over fifty chronological Bible stories before giving an invitation, we’ve now gone on with some discipleship stories from John’s Gospel; things Jesus wants His disciples to know and to do. Many of these new believers show signs of change, for the better. Of the fifty or so children that responded, God alone knows who will go on. What we see is a general and gradual change in behaviour, with a small handful standing out as ones who are seeking first the Kingdom of God.

Though we don’t even know what tomorrow will bring, we’d like to begin directing some energy towards engaging a few others Rwandan believers to take up the call to go beyond their Jerusalem. There are numerous communities here with marginalised people who’ve not heard the Gospel or have heard without understanding. Though we’re burdened with compassion for these ‘left out’ ones often living in squaller, surely obedience to Jesus command is even more important!

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   BP 187
   Rwanda East Africa

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