Please Pray

Australian Christian Lobby

Here's the full petition:

  • Take action: call for a people's vote on marriage
  • To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled:
  • The petition of the undersigned shows:
  • Changing the legal definition of marriage would have profound consequences for our society.
  • All Australians deserve to have their say about its future. In 2016 the Coalition Government was re-elected after promising to hold a plebiscite to settle Australia’s long-running marriage debate.Your petitioners ask that the Senate respects the will of theAustralia people and passes enabling legislation for a plebiscite on marriage to be held.

Raymond and Phoebe, that the government will allow their oldest son Kendrick to join them here from the Philippines.

Pray for our young adult and children ministries.

Strengthen marriages/relationships through this series of messages in term three.

Our planning and leadership teams as they plan out the next 12 months